Safety+ service

Safety+ service

Safety+ service

Safety+ service gives you piece of mind about everything related to your card:


  • In case your card is stolen
  • Extra security for card payments
  • Free and fast delivery of a replacement card anywhere in the world


And all of this for just EUR 0.99 a month

Safety+ service makes your card even safer

In case you card is stolen or lost, get the replaced card promptly, anywhere you are.*

Usual card protection does not insure customers against fraud in case of technically authorized and low-value transactions. With Safety+ service you will be compensated up to EUR 3,000 per year for fraudulent payments*, including:

Authorized fraudulent payments that have been confirmed with PIN code, Smart-ID, biometrically or with mobile signature

Unauthorized fraudulent payments of up to EUR 50 – contactless payments in POS terminals

* There are limitations and exceptions to certain risk coverage and indemnifiable losses, for example, Safety+ service insurance does not cover card transactions, authorized due to an illegal, fraudulent call or messages, fraudulent links in emails, messaging applications, social media platforms, websites or other forms of fraudulent cyber-attack. A complete information on exceptions and coverage restrictions is included in Safety + service insurance rules. Please read Safety + service insurance rules and, if needed, consult with representative of Luminor Bank AS.

Safety+ service rules
Insurance product information document

Here are some examples where Safety+ service helped:

“My wallet was stolen, but I didn’t notice it right away. It took the thief 30 minutes to go around the shops and process 10 small transactions. Almost €500 was stolen. Luckily, I had Safety+ service enabled for the card and the bank refunded the stolen money within a few days.” Maria K.

"I lost my wallet during the exchange studies abroad. Thankfully, I had Safety+ service for my card. I got a replacement card sent by courier within a few days and it didn't cost me anything!” Martin R.

How to order?

If you are ordering a new card, simply choose Safety+ as one of your add-ons or ask the consultant to enable it if you are in a call or at a branch. More about cards

If you already have a card, fill the application in Internet bank Applications → New application → Payment cards → Security service "Safety+" application or call us at +370 5 239 3444

Apply via Internet bank

What to do if something happens?

Fill in the claim form here. After this, we will evaluate your claim and get back to you. In case you cannot fill in the online form, please reach us out.

Before making the claim

Make sure to block your card right after you notice any illegal activity. You can do this by calling us or under “Cards” section in Internet bank or app. Make sure to do it in 24 hours after the first fraudulent payment.

Fraudulent card payments are considered an illegal activity and, as such, before filing a claim with the bank, please reach out to your local police, file a claim for the funds stolen and provide us with a proof of that in the disputable transaction form.

For payment card replacement and delivery

Reach out to us via phone, Internet bank, e-mail, message or visit us at a branch. We will quickly replace your card and, if needed, send it to you by courier.

Protect yourself from different fraud schemes

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When offering Safety+ service insurance, Luminor Bank AS, reg. No 11315936, address: Liivalaia 45, 10145, Tallinn, Estonia, represented within the Republic of Lithuania by Luminor Bank AS Lithuanian Branch, reg. No 304870069, address: Konstitucijos pr. 21A, 03601, Vilnius, Lithuania, acts as the insurance agent on behalf of ADB “Compensa Vienna Insurance Group”, registration code 304080146, address: Ukmergės g. 280, Vilnius, Lithuania, tel. 19111, calling from abroad tel. +370 5 249