On 2 January 2019 Luminor has completed the cross-border merger of the banks and will from now on continue its operations in all Baltic countries through Estonian bank and its registered branches in Latvia and Lithuania.

On 29 March 2018 Luminor banks in the Baltics signed a cross-border merger agreement, and in May 2018 received confirmation from the European Central Bank (ECB) that the branches in Latvia and Lithuania may be established and commence their activities. On 28 June 2018, the ECB has given us the official approval to carry out the cross-border merger in the Baltics.

The cross-border merger supports Luminor’s ambition to be a strong, local and customer-centric financial services provider with efficient governance and business operations across the Baltics.

These are most important information you have to know about merger of Luminor banks.

Important for clients

  • Our daily operations and customer service will continue as usual.
  • All assets, rights and liabilities of Luminor Lithuania have been transferred to Luminor Estonia. Starting from 2 January 2019 Luminor will continue the same activities in Lithuania through the locally established Luminor Bank AS Lithuanian branch.
  • Estonian Guarantee Fund (Tagastifond) will take over the protection for deposits. The protection will remain the same it is now and consist 100 thousand EUR guarantee per each depositor per credit institution.
  • Estonian Guarantee Fund (Tagastifond) will take over the protection for investments. The maximum amount of guarantee will be 20 thousand EUR per investor per investment service provider.
  • Pensions depository function will be performed by Luminor Bank AS in Estonia represented by Luminor Bank AS Lithuanian branch under the same conditions.

Information for business partners

Starting from 2 January 2019, new attributes of Luminor Bank AS Lithuanian branch shall be used:
Luminor Bank AS Lithuanian branch
Registration number: 304870069
Legal address: Konstitucijos Ave. 21A, 03601 Vilnius, Lithuania
E-mail address: info@luminor.lt
Phone number: +370 5 239 3444
Webpage: luminor.lt
Account No. LT594010049500047594, bank code 40100