How will my access to the internet bank change?

As of 21 September 2023, you can reach our internet bank via a new address

To ensure a smooth transition from the old internet bank address, you might need to do the following:

  • Update the internet bank address in your browser favourites.
    If you have saved the address of the Luminor internet bank website ( in your browser favourites or bookmarks, update it to the new address This will allow you to continue accessing our services.
  • Log-in via the new Luminor internet bank address.
    When logging in to your internet bank via the new address for the first time, you will be asked to enter your credentials – your personal identification number and log-in details. This is a standard security measure that allows to ensure the privacy and security of your account. Once you have entered your credentials, you‘ll be able to use the internet bank as usual. We recommend accessing Internet Bank via the official Luminor website

How will my access to the mobile app change?
To continue using the Luminor mobile app, please update it to the  latest version:

  • Download and install the latest version of the app (there is no need to delete the outdated version). Search for the latest version of the app in your device‘s app store („Huawei“, „Google“, or „Apple“). When it is available, download and install it on your device to continue using the Luminor mobile app without any problems.
  • Automatic updates. Please check if automatic updates are enabled on your device. If so, the new Luminor mobile app version should be installed and updated automatically.

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