As part of a full cross-border merger and further development of unified and modern digital customer offering, Luminor is starting consolidation of its technological platforms as the next step of the transformation.

For Luminor|Nordea customers it means that during the unification customer data using Luminor|Nordea services will be transferred to a consolidated Luminor core banking system. The process will affect 70 thousand Luminor customers. 

“Our goal is to become the home bank for our target customers. In a digital context, “home bank” is not a bank where a customer does most of transactions, but the service provider that consolidates most of customer’s financial traffic, becoming a financial ecosystem for its customer,” says Luminor Lithuanian branch manager Andrius Načajus. “One of our target activities in completing the merger has been the unification and simplification of our technological platforms. With the technological platform consolidation, we will ensure that all our customers receive the same digital offering, and it is the very basis for further implementation of new banking experience and digital offering.”
The data migration for Luminor|Nordea customers to unified technological platforms in Lithuania will start in March 2019 for private customers, and during the second half of the year – for business customers.  All Luminor products and services already used by customers will be available in the new technological platform immediately after the transition of customer data.
All the impacted Luminor | Nordea customers will receive tailored personal information with step by step guidance and support. 
Luminor|DNB customers will remain on the current technological platform.
We have designed the migration process in a way to cause no disruption to any Luminor services.
Full consolidation of the IT technological platforms is expected to be completed by Q3 2019.
Information about unifying core banking systems

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