As part of its customer consulting centres’ restructuring process, Luminor bank is also reinforcing the network of its own ATMs and from 5 June will leave the joint ATM network operated with Šiaulių, Danske and Citadele banks. This year, Luminor will increase its own ATM’s network by about 20 ATMs, some of which will be taken over from the ATM network currently joint with other banks. The total number of Luminor own ATMs should increase up to 190 within Lithuania during the year.

“We want to focus on our own ATM network development and increase their number starting from next months. Luminor is going to take over some of the joint ATMs in locations where Luminor customer flows are largest, also new ATMs will be put in places where the Luminor customers have the greatest need to withdraw and deposit cash”, - says Andrius Načajus, head of Luminor Lithuanian Branch.
Also, in terms of the number of payment cards serviced per ATM, Luminor payment cards will be serviced by the number of ATMs corresponding to the market average.
Luminor customers will also be able to withdraw cash from our partners’ sales outlets: Perlas terminals, Maxima, Rimi, and Iki supermarkets. The conditions for cash withdrawal from SEB ATMs will be the same as those applied to withdraw cash from Luminor ATMs.
According to Andrius Načajus, the decision to leave the joint ATM network resulted from the significantly increased costs to service the entire Luminor ATM network. At the end of 2017, after Nordea and DNB banks were merged, the membership in the ATM “club” became economically inefficient, therefore the decision was made to develop our own ATM network instead. 

The data provided by the Bank of Lithuania shows that cash payments are consistently decreasing in Lithuania. The latest statistics show that in Q4 2018 the number of cash payments amounted to 241.5 thousand, which is 25 % less than two years before. Meanwhile, the number of payments by payment cards and other digital means is increasing.
The overall network of ATMs operated by the four banks consists of 200 ATMs.

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Luminor is the third largest financial services provider in the Baltic banking sector with 16 % share in deposits market and 22 % share in loans market, servicing over a million of customers. The bank’s Common Equity Tier 1 (CET1) stands at 18.1% and amounts to EUR 1.8 billion . Moody's ratings agency has assigned Baa1 long-term deposit rating to Luminor with a stable outlook. In October 2018, Luminor issued a 3-year bond issue listed on the Irish Stock Exchange.

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