Create your personal savings goal via mobile bank and save.

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Download mobile bank


Start creating your goals

Click on My savings goals and enter your savings goal, amount and date


Motivate yourself

Upload a photo that will inspire you to save. E.g., your dream car or a trip


Choose saving method

You can save your chosen amount periodically or on every transaction


Watch your progress

You can easily and quickly see your saving progress in the mobile bank

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Deposit interest rates for private customers

 Service Terms and Conditions 
 Service User Guide in Lithuanian

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A saving deposit will be opened for you where you can make credit transfers in the way you prefer: as periodic payments or a fixed amount from any payment you make. Your savings goal can amount from EUR 100 to EUR 15,000. Set  your saving term from 1 month to 5 years. The interest rate applicable to the saving deposit as specified in the Pricelist will be applied if the deposit is kept for at least three months.

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Deposits are secured by the Estonian Guarantee Fund company “Tagatisfond” in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Republic of Estonia’s law on deposit insurance and insurance of liabilities to investors.

Detailed information on deposit insurance terms and conditions and the cases in which deposits are not covered and the payout limits apply to them is available on the website of the Estonian Guarantee Fund company “Tagatisfond” Deposit and Investment Insurance

Terms of the Insurance

Currency risk alert: if a term deposit is held in US dollars, Norwegian kroner or GB pounds, due to fluctuations of currency exchange rates you may incur a loss.