Minimum service charge
€1 per month
Bank account maintenance (1)+
Internet bank login tool (2)+
Unlimited crediting of funds in Euro from EEA countries+
Unlimited online payments in Euros within the Bank and EEA countries (3)+
Unlimited online transfer in other currency within bank+

(1) No minimum service fee is applied to accounts linked to a banking package. The minimum service charge is applied for a calendar month irrespective of the booking date. The fee is deducted by the 6th day of the next month.
Payments and credit transfers should comply with SEPA requirements, i.e. Luminor Bank AS Lithuanian Branch SWIFT (BIC) code (AGBLLT2X) and the beneficiary’s account number in IBAN format have to be specified correctly.
(2) Internet bank login tool: Smart-ID.
(3) Including payments for services, shopping at e-stores and payment of all-type e-invoices.