Minimum service charge
€1.30 per month
Maintaining the accounts (1)(4)+
Internet bank login tool (2)+
Crediting of incoming payments in Euros from Single Euro Payments Area member states+
Euro payments in internet/ mobile bank (3)+
Payments in other currency within bank in Internet bank +

(1) No minimum service fee is applied to accounts linked to a banking package. The minimum service charge is applied for a calendar month irrespective of the booking date and is deducted by the 6th day of the next month.
(2) Internet bank login tool: Smart-ID.
(3) Euro Payments within bank, to Lithuania and to other Single Euro Payments Area member states, including payments for services, including payments for services, shopping at e-stores and payment of all-type e-invoices.
(4) Except non-resident outside the EEA for whom additionally is applicable maintaining the account monthly fee.