Standing orders
at the Customer Service Centervia Digital channels
Registration of standing order (1) agreement€5Free
Registration of E-invoice automatic standing order€5Free
Amendment and cancellation€5Free
Standing order paymentNot availableAccording to the payments price list
E-invoice automatic standing order paymentNot availableFree

(1) Standing orders registered at Customer Service Center or via Customer Support are executed to Luminor Lithuania accounts and other banks registered in Lithuania.

More information about Payments can be found here.

Cancellation, amendment and investigation of the payment
In case of mistake by LuminorFree
Euro payment to Lithuania or the Single Euro Payments Area member states (1)€20
Payments in any currency to outside Single Euro Payments Area member states and payments in currencies other than euro to Single Euro Payments Area member states (1)
- up to 6 months after receipt of payment order.€50 + extra costs (2)
- over 6 months after receipt of payment order.€100 + extra costs (2)

(1) Full list of countries can be found on the European Central Banks' webpage.
(2) Extra costs - commission, determined by correspondent bank and/or beneficiary bank apart from the Bank for payment order investigation or correction.

Other services related to payments
Confirmation of SWIFT or SEPA payment statement€10 for each
Payment transaction printout and confirmation€5
Payments based on PLAIS orders
Payments based on PLAIS order, where the beneficiary’s account is held with the bank or another bank registered in the Republic of Lithuania (1)€1

(1) The fee for the administration of the monetary fund restriction information system (PLAIS) is charged additionally. The fee, its amount and administration procedure is established by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania. The Bank debits the fee by a special debit payment of the PLAIS administrator (VĮ Registrų Centras) for each debit order submitted to the credit institution and transfers it to VĮ Registrų Centras.