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Choose from our saving programs and reach for your goals

Thinking about adventurous vacation or new stuff in your home? For big wishes or just for a cozy bed choose from our savings products, apply for a regular payment or term deposit and start to form savings now. The funds saved will help in implementing your plans or could be used in case of emergency. If you too would like more in the future, then there's an opportunity to join the supplementary pension fund.

My Savings Goals

Mano taupymo tikslai

  • Easy to create and follow-up your goals in the mobile bank
  • Save on chosen amount or on every transaction
  • Get interest rates for your savings after 3 months

Create in the mobile bank: Savings > My Savings Goals

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III Pillar Pension

  • Make contributions whenever you want
  • Take advantage of income tax relief
  • Funds are invested

Term deposit

  • If you choose a longer period, you will receive higher interest rates
  • If you will open a deposit via internet bank or mobile bank you will receive higher interest rates
  • A term deposit can be in different currencies

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Deposits are secured by the Estonian Guarantee Fund company “Tagatisfond” in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Republic of Estonia’s law on deposit insurance and insurance of liabilities to investors.

Detailed information on deposit insurance terms and conditions and the cases in which deposits are not covered and the payout limits apply to them is available on the website of the Estonian Guarantee Fund company “Tagatisfond” Deposit and Investment Insurance tf.ee

Terms of the Insurance

Currency risk alert: if a term deposit is held in US dollars, Norwegian kroner, or GB pounds, due to fluctuations in currency exchange rates you may incur a loss.

Important! Accumulation in pension funds is subject to investment risk, which means that the value of the investment may rise and fall, may recover less money than you have invested. If foreign currency is invested in financial instruments, exchange rate changes may affect the return on investment. Luminor investment management company does not guarantee a return on investment, pension fund profitability, or annuity payments. Past performance of pension funds does not guarantee future results. Before making a decision on accumulating an additional pension in Luminor pension funds, familiarize yourself with the pension fund rules, deductions, investment strategy, and risk factors. Pension funds are managed by UAB “Luminor investicijų valdymas”, registration code 226299280.