FAQ about contactless cards

Frequently asked questions about contactless cards

Contactless technology

Contactless technology (contactless method of payment) – what does it mean?

Contactless technology enables the faster and simpler payment of goods priced EUR 50 and under without entering your PIN code.

The contactless card contains a built-in antenna that transmits the transaction information to/from the point-of-sale terminal (hereinafter POS terminal) during payment. To complete a transaction, the only thing you need to do is briefly hold your contactless payment card close to the POS terminal.

What are the benefits of using contactless cards?

Contactless payments are currently the fastest and simplest means of payment.

There is no need to worry about having enough small change in your pocket to make minor purchases.

There is also no need to enter your PIN code if the purchase amount does not exceed EUR 50 (on some occasions you will be asked to enter your PIN code for security and card authorisation purposes to prove that you are still using your own card).

How can I find out whether my card supports contactless payments?

All contactless payment cards feature the following icon .

How do I obtain a contactless payment card?

When you are issued a new card after expiry or replacement of an existing card, a contactless card will be issued automatically.

Contactless payments

Will I be able to make contactless payments immediately after receiving card?

Not immediately, first you will need to make a standard payment by placing your card in the POS terminal and entering your PIN code or make a cash withdrawal from a Luminor ATM.

How should I proceed with my contactless card?

1. Find a POS terminal with a “contactless” icon.

2. Pay for the goods, the value of which does not exceed EUR 50.

3. Briefly hold your card close to the POS terminal.

4. Payment will be confirmed as soon as you see the green light and hear the beep sound. For additional security, you will be asked to enter your PIN code for minor payments from time to time.

How will I know whether the store accepts contactless payments?

You can use your contactless card at any point of sale that has the following icon 

What should I do if I don’t want to use the contactless function?

You can disable the contactless function on your card: log in to your Internet bank, under “Cards” select the Contactless card and click “Disable contactless payments”. To successfully process the application, you should complete a payment by placing the card in a POS terminal and entering your PIN code (or withdraw money from a Luminor ATM).

Is the contactless payment technology secure?

Yes, it is secure. Contactless technologies are based on next generation encryption methods (like a chip and PIN code), so you can feel secure when making your payments. There is a single payment limit of EUR 50, and from time to time you will be asked to enter your PIN code to ascertain whether you are the rightful cardholder. If your card is lost or stolen, you are protected against any loss incurred as a result of fraud. In case your card is lost or stolen, please inform us as soon as possible.

Is it possible to make a payment by simply passing a POS terminal without being aware of it?

No, this is not possible. Upon purchase, the sales assistant must enter the amount in the POS terminal and only then will you be asked to present your contactless card and hold it close to the terminal for several seconds.

Is it possible to intercept the information from my card upon payment?

A contactless transaction takes place when the card is very close to the POS terminal. It technically removes the risk of information interception during the payment. Furthermore, every POS terminal features the required security elements according to industry standards.

Is there even the slightest chance of a single payment being made twice?

There is no chance of this happening. Contactless POS terminals are able to process only one payment at a time. Additional security provision: every payment must be either completed or rejected prior to proceeding with the next one.

How can I be sure that my payment information is secure?

Contactless payments are based on tested chip and PIN technologies – this ensures both data protection and the security of payments by using the keys and next generation encryption methods.

Payments are processed with the same payment infrastructure used by standard chip and PIN payments.

Why am I not asked to enter the card’s PIN code?

To make contactless payments as convenient and simple as cash payments, merchants who accept contactless payments do not ask you to enter a PIN code on purchases below EUR 50.

If my card is lost or stolen, could it be used repeatedly by another person?

If somebody makes several contactless payments in a row they will be asked to enter the PIN code to check the cardholder’s identity. Contactless payments are limited to EUR 50 and within the amount of EUR 50 it is possible to make one or several purchase(s). If the purchase amount is above EUR 50, it is mandatory to enter the PIN code or even place the card in the POS terminal. If your card is lost or stolen, please inform the Bank as soon as possible so that we can block and replace your card.

What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

If your card is lost or stolen, please inform the Bank as soon as possible by calling +370 5 239 3444.