No. / Name of external source

1. Real Property Register and Cadastre
2. Mortgage Register
3. Register of Property Seizure Acts
4. Loan Risk Database
5. Non-credited persons list information system
6. Creditinfo Lietuva, Ltd 
7. Population Register
8. Register of Powers of Attorney
9. Register of Marriage Settlements
10. Register of legally incapable persons and persons with limited legal capacity
11. State social insurance fund board
12. Invalid personal documents database
13. The authority of audit, accounting, property valuation and insolvency management
14. Legal entities register
15. Car dealers
16. Insurance broker
17. Insurers
18. Investment and Business Guarantees
19. Agricultural Credit Guarantee Fund
20. Database ORBIS
21. Register of wanted persons, unidentified bodies and unknown helpless persons
22. State studies foundation
23. Factiva Limited. A Dow Jones Company (owner of the database)
24. Accuity Inc.
25. State company "Regitra"

External data sources used for personalised credit offers:

Loan Risk Database

The database administered by the Bank of Lithuania containing data about borrowers and credits issued to them. The data is submitted by the Bank of Lithuania, banks established in the Republic of Lithuania (together they provide data of the companies controlled thereby), affiliates of foreign banks, Central Credit Union and credit unions, consumer credit lenders on the list of the Public Consumer Credit Lenders, and mutual lending platform operators on the list of the Public Mutual Lending Platform Operators.

Company code 188607684

Non-credited persons list information system

This information system ensures that consumer credits won’t be issued for those, who are signed up to be included in the list supervised by the Bank of Lithuania.

Company code 188607684

Creditinfo Lietuva, Ltd

This information bank receives and provides data from financial, telecommunications, power supply and other companies. This bank plays an important role in the financial system as it helps the financial institutions in terms of responsible lending and enables reliable consumers to get better credit conditions.

Company code 111689163

Population Register

The register ensures a lawful collection, processing and full protection of personal data and processes the central base of the Residents Register. Also keeps accounting of the data provided to the Residents Register.

Company code 124110246

State social insurance fund board

Sodra is the central institution to administer the social insurance fund that coordinates, systematically manages, controls, and ensures the quality of work and efficiency of the subordinate territorial branches and entities.

Company code 191630223