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  • Choose as many additional benefits as you want on top of our standard offering
  • Get a tailored offer from our mortgage experts, who will help you find the best solution for you
  • Change your selection whenever you want – you have not committed to anything before signing the contract

Lower significantly your monthly loan payments by only paying interest on your loan for the first 12 months Tap to close


Get better conditions on a loan to finance renovation, furniture, or other purchases for your home Tap to close


Get a Luminor Black Card to receive benefits such as free cash withdrawal and travel insurance Tap to close


We can take care of the mandatory building insurance and everything related with your dwelling residence – home contents, relationship with neighbors, emergency assistance, household traumas, so you don’t need to spend your time on that. Tap to close


Protect your family by ensuring they have support to pay back the loan if due to sickness, accident, or natural processes you became a person with permanent disability, or your life ends Tap to close


If you’re unable to work due to lasting sickness, accident or unemployment, this insurance will cover your loan payments Tap to close


Keep the same interest rate during the first period up to 5 years to make sure you don’t have to worry about a rising EURIBOR rate Tap to close

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* Luminor refers to all Luminor entities directly or indirectly controlled by Luminor Holding AS. Structure can be found here.
** Personalised offers are tailored to better service your needs. To develop such personalised services, we may   process personal data you have provided to us, for example such as financial data (e.g. transactional data). Please note that by opting out from personalised offers, you may still receive general offers and marketing message from us, however these will not be tailored to your personal needs.
*** From time to time if we have your consent, we can offer you precalculated credit offer. If you like the offer, you can apply for credit card or loan based on it with only a few clicks. In order to present such an offer we will check information about you in available public databases and carry out preliminary assessment of your creditworthiness, solvency and financial risk profile. Here is the list of the public databases we might check (please note that this list may change from time to time).
**** We can send you offers from our partners. The list of cooperation partners is constantly updated, so do not forget to check it from time to time. More information here.