What is our push notifications service?

When enabled on your mobile device, push notifications provide instant updates on your accounts:

  • Notifications when you receive money in your account.
  • Notifications when you make a payment from your account.
  • Notifications when your account balance drops below a certain limit.
You can also enable push notifications to receive general bank information notifications and marketing offers.

What do I need to start using push notification service?

To start using the push notification service you need the "Luminor | Nordea" mobile application installed on your smartphone (Android or iPhone), a working internet connection, and enabled push notifications on your device.

How can I enable push notifications?

By default, your notification service will not be enabled after the "Luminor | Nordea" application is installed (or updated – if you have previous application version). To start using the service you need to open the Settings tab in the mobile banking app’s menu and click on Push Notification settings. You can then enable the service by selecting the slider next to Enable Push Notifications and customize your push notification settings for specific accounts. If you would like to receive push notifications on another smartphone, you will need to enable the service on that device as well.

How can I turn off push notifications?

You can always disable push notifications by heading to the Push Notifications settings section in the mobile banking app on your device. Turn off the slider next to Enable Push Notifications to disable the notification service on that particular device.

I have lost my phone! How can I disable push notifications?

If you have lost your phone, you need to immediately inform our Contact Centre by calling 1608 or +370 5 239 3444

How to start use Nordea Codes?

After downloading the Nordea Codes, activate the app by logging into your Netbank.
If you are using a code generator or a mobile signature (Mobile-ID), the generator app can be ordered by logging into your Netbank and selecting the Settings -> Token ordering. 
In the window for ordering a generator, select ordering the Nordea Codes app.
Enter requested information and confirm it in accordance with the instructions on the screen:

  • Mobile phone - activation code will be sent to this phone number.
  • Application description - the app name you would like to have in your Netbank.
In a few seconds, an activation code will be sent to the phone number you have indicated. 
After completing the confirmation successfully, instructions and a temporary PIN code necessary for activating the app later will appear in the token order window (don’t close the window until the app activation has been completed).
Open the Nordea Codes you have downloaded and select Nordea Lietuva.
Select the desired user interface language.
Enter the activation code you have received via SMS.
Enter the temporary PIN code.
Create and enter a permanent PIN code to be used in the future and confirm it.
The app has been  activated successfully and you can start using it.

What to do if you lose your login details?

If you have lost your login code generator, or if you suspect that unauthorized persons could obtain your login details, please inform the bank about this as soon as possible. The bank will block the access to your internet banking account immediately and no one will be able to access the funds on your account. To block your internet banking, please call our Information Centre at 1608 or +370 5 239 3444.

User blocking if incorrect details are entered

If an incorrect code from the code generator is entered three times or incorrect PIN code entered three times in Nordea Codes app when trying to log in to the internet bank, the access to the user account will be blocked. When an incorrect light login password is entered three times (when a person tries to log in using light login password), the possibility to log in using the password will be blocked. If you want to continue using it, you will have to log in using the code card, generator, or mobile signature and create the light login password again. Please remember that if you enter an incorrect password or PIN, in addition to your internet banking you can also block your login code generator or mobile signature.

Session security

Before you enter your login details, please ensure that the address bar of your internet browser has the internet banking address starting with https://. Such start of the address indicates that the safe login is used. You will also see the following icon in the browser window: . This icon indicates that all data transferred via the internet banking is encrypted using the SSL security protocol. If you click on this icon, you will be able to see the bank security certificate.

The bank identifies the logged in customer according to their customer number and used identification means (code card, code generator, mobile signature, light login password).

If no action occurs for 15 minutes when you connect to the internet banking, the login session is terminated automatically. Then you will be asked to log in to the internet banking again. Time limits work as safety measures if the user forgets to log out of their account after they finish their work in the internet bank.

The maximum duration of a single session is 2 hours. Even if you make actions constantly, you will be logged out of the internet banking after this period and will have to log in again later.

The bank recommends logging out by clicking the “Log Out” button after you are done with your work in the internet banking, and only then closing the internet browser or its tab.

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