Your employer may contribute to your supplementary pension by transferring contributions for your benefit. That is especially beneficial as the state encourages participation in such accumulation programs by applying tax benefits. Therefore, the contribution paid by your employer, at the same cost to the company, may be up to 50 % larger than your personal contribution. Negotiate with your employer, because his contribution to your future is an even better solution.

Supplementary pension funds for the company accumulating for your supplementary pension:

Luminor Supplementary Employee Pension 1 Plus

  • Low to medium risk 
  • Share in total assets up to 25%

Luminor Supplementary Employee Pension 2 Plus

  • Medium risk 
  • Share in total assets up to 50%

These "Luminor" supplementary pension funds are distinguished  by the fact that the withdrawal of the funds is restricted until the minimum retirement age (5 years less than the official retirement age in Lithuania).
Having this in mind, these supplementary pension funds are more suitable for corporate employees’ pension programs. However,  private individuals can accumulate their assets in these supplementary pension funds as well .

Pension funds characteristics and risks.