How can I terminate deposit contracts?

You can terminate deposits at our branches, on Internet bank or by phone +370 5 239 3444.
If you wish to terminate your deposit on Internet bank, choose Savings and investment -> My deposit, mark the contract you wish to terminate and click on Terminate.

How can I cancel the automatic extension of a deposit?

If you prefer not to automatically extend the validity of a deposit upon the end of its term, you may send a letter via Internet bank: indicate the transaction number and request a change of automatic extension status.

You can send the letter by accessing Internet bank: New letter -> Free form application. Confirm the letter with a generator code and a mobile signature, and send it.

What interest is applied to automatically extended deposits?

Automatically extended deposits bear the interest rate valid on the date of the extension of the deposit.

When can I conclude and supplement a saving deposit on Internet bank (during which hours)?

You may conclude or supplement a deposit contract on Internet bank every day from 00:01 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Are deposits with the bank insured?

Deposits are secured by the Estonian Guarantee Fund company “Tagatisfond” in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Republic of Estonia’s law on deposit insurance and insurance of liabilities to investors.

Detailed information on deposit insurance terms and conditions and the cases in which deposits are not covered and the payout limits apply to them is available on the website of the Estonian Guarantee Fund company “Tagatisfond” Deposit and Investment Insurance

Terms of the Insurance

If I terminate a deposit, how long will it take for the funds to be returned to the deposit servicing account?

According to the deposit contract, if you decide to withdraw a deposit prior to its term, you are obliged to notify us in writing no later than 7 working days in advance. The deposit may be terminated and the funds repaid to the deposit servicing account earlier than within 7 working days (if possible, on the same working day).

If you decide to terminate a term deposit before maturity, the whole deposit amount will be returned to the current account, however, the interest will not be paid.

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