We insure building walls, ceilings, floors and doors – if fire or water from an exploded pipe damage them, we will compensate for the repair costs. You can insure:

  • Residential buildings (a detached house and/or its parts, an apartment, a garden cottage, etc.)
  • Auxiliary and non-residential buildings (a garage, a car parking space, a boxroom, a sauna, a cellar, an outbuilding, etc.)
  • Immovable outdoor structures (a fence, outdoor gates, a sheltered shed, outdoor lighting equipment, an outdoor swimming pool and other immovable outdoor structures present in the territory of the plot of land of the building)
  • Investments in premises (if you carry out repair work and/or replace equipment in a rented apartment but these investments are damaged or destroyed due to an insured event, we will compensate for the damage you incur)

Household property

We insure furniture, carpets, video and audio equipment, household equipment, and even mobile phones. If you lose them as a result of theft, fire or other reasons, we will compensate for the costs of acquisition of items of the same quality. You can insure:

  • Household property (household equipment, household items, furniture, etc.)
  • Third party property (provided to the policyholder with the right to use and manage it)
  • Valuables (cash, jewellery, documents and other valuables with the value per unit exceeding 1,500 Eur)
  • Work tools and equipment (used by you or your family members in your/their professional or business activity)
  • Radio and TV antenna equipment (with the exclusion of common-use equipment)
  • Self-propelled multifunctional landscape management devices: we only insure these items if they are located at the address specified in the insurance policy and provided that they are located inside buildings; we will provide compensation of up to 3,000 Eur
  • Water vehicles (these need not be registered with the Register of Inland Water Vessels)

Civil liability

If you accidentally cause water damage to your neighbours’ property or a fire originating in your apartment destroys your neighbours’ property, we will compensate for the losses caused to the neighbours (up to the sum insured specified in the insurance policy).

Personal civil liability

We will compensate for losses incurred due to damage to third party health, life and/or property caused by you or your family members: for instance, if you injure another person when skiing or your child accidentally breaks a window at school.

What types of home insurance packages are available?

  Standard Standard+ Premium
Building insurance
Household property insurance  
Civil liability insurance  
Personal civil liability insurance  
“Skubi pagalba namuose” service
(to help with an emergency in your home)
Cover for other unexpected accidents