Savings notes lets you save and makes your money work harder for your future and retirement.

Why choose savings notes?

Risk warning! Investing involves risks! Read more below.

Savings Notes

Maturity Interest rate Terms of Issue  Redemption Date
2 years 0,0 %  Conditions 2018 12 17

How to get savings notes:


Save online

Visit internet bank and start saving from just 100 Eur.


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You will need the following documents:

  • ID or passport

Useful links

Savings notes issuance schedule (in Lithuanian)
Previously distributed savings notes
Deposit and Investment Insurance
Savings notes issuance and circulation rules (in Lithuanian)

Make your money work harder for your future

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For purchasing and (or) safekeeping of Saving Notes you need a payment account with Luminor bank. You can open a payment account separately. For the information on the cost and fees related to opening and using a payment account please refer here.

Savings notes transfer
Savings notes can be transferred to other investors, as outlined in the Lithuanian Savings Notes Issuance and Circulation rules. If savings notes are acquired during marriage, then a notarized power of attorney is required for transfer of savings notes. Otherwise, savings note transfer agreement must be signed by both spouses at Luminor bank.
If you cancel the contract early, the contract will not end immediately but in accordance with your pre-term maturity dates. The Government of the Republic of Lithuania is responsible for the redemption of savings notes and interest payment. Therefore, by investing into savings notes, you assume the risk of insolvency of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.
Premature redemption
To use savings notes premature redemption please apply to any Luminor branch on timely basis. The deadline for submitting and receiving applications is outlined in the Terms and Conditions of the particular Issue or Savings Notes acquisition agreement. View the Terms and Conditions of Savings Notes issues that have been previously distributed by Luminor bank. Please note: premature redemption of savings notes may be carried out on interest (coupon) payment date. On this day you can: (i) receive funds invested in savings notes on the premature basis for the pre-mature redemption price indicated in the Terms and Conditions of the Issue (provided that the application was submitted on timely basis) or (ii) to receive interest (coupon). In other words, if you submit an application for savings notes’ premature redemption on the interest payment date, you will receive only the price of premature redemption. An application for premature redemption can be made online via Internet bank (Savings and Investments->Investment Portfolio->Sell) or visit us at any Luminor branch.