Save time and money with the smarter way to pay your bills online.

Why choose utility payments?

  • Unlimited payments of utility/other bills for a fixed monthly fee.
  • Make instant payments on the internet.
  • Available 24/7.
  • Easily find your utility provider and make instant payments.
  • Fill in utility payment details just once and re-use every time you pay.

Making utility payments on internet bank is easy!

Log in. Connect to your internet bank

Complete the form. Choose For services in the menu section Payments → Payments.

Check and confirm the transfer. Create a template and you do not have to complete the payment form again.

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What does it take?

  • To make on-line payments for services you just need to be a user of Luminor internet bank
  • Want to become a user? Click here

Cheaper, quicker utility payments online

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