From now on you can pay more attention to your loved ones, leaving us to quickly and easily manage your family finances.

Banking packages
“Active” banking package offers up to 3 payment cards to all family. Just 3.5 euros per month!

Personal banker
A personal banker knows well both – your personal finances and your common objectives, and can give you best advice on how to cope with finances in each specific stage of your family life.

Daily finance management
With a shared family account, using the mobile bank, you can promptly check your balance and transfer money to your family members. With “Active“ banking package you‘ll have everything for your active life, and with E-piggy you‘ll save for a family holiday even when spending.

Moving to a new home
Our mortgage loan will help you to move to your new home faster, while the personal banker will answer all your questions and will help to handle all necessary documentation.

Family future
We’ll advise you on how to save for your children’s education and when it’s high time to start saving up for your pension.