Only with our VISA credit card you will receive technical assistance 24/7 whether you are at home or on the go. Just call the team on 1810.

Technical assistance benefits

How it works:


Call us

If you have a Visa Classic or Visa Gold card, just call us on 1810 to receive technical assistance.


If you do not have credit card

If you do not have a VISA credit card, please complete the application form.

You will receive a technical help with your credit card

  • We will help you wherever you are in the country
  • If you’ve had an accident at home, we’ll arrive ready to help you on the address shown in the contract
  • Call us on 1810 (0.58 EUR/min) or +370 618 18100
  • Our partner Falck Lietuva will help you

Useful links

Home technical services rules and price list (in Lithuanian, effective from 2017 10 01)

Total reassurance with credit card of our bank

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