Luminor Debit – simple and secure

Luminor Debit – simple and secure

Luminor Debit – simple and secure

  • Your pocket companion for just EUR 2 EUR per month
  • The contactless Visa debit card that’s straightforward and reliable. Get one for each family member

Get it remotely

Apply online, get your debit card in the mail, and activate it in your internet bank

Go contactless

Make payments and use ATMs with your smartphone or watch using Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more

Get funds when needed

Free EUR transfers and free withdrawals within the limit of up to EUR 600 per month from any Luminor ATM in the Baltics

Manage features online

Activate/disable the card and contactless and online payments, change your PIN, add Safety+, and more

Luminor Debit, the card for everyone

A simple debit card that gets the job done

Keep yourself less busy with payments so you can focus on what matters. Luminor Debit is available from the age of 6 and is free of charge for youth up to 18 get one for each family member and gain more time together.

Newly issued Luminor Debit cards are valid for 5 years, meaning less hassle and less plastic.

Explore kids’ card

The future of debit is mobile-first

Luminor Debit – a contactless card that saves both time and space

Don’t worry about scuffing up or losing your card add it to your digital wallet and pay with a glance or a tap.

And for a few less things to worry about, get the Safety+* card insurance service for EUR 0.79 per month. That means extra security in case of card theft and certain types of fraudulent payments, including free and fast delivery of a replacement card anywhere in the world.

Already our customer? Order your card remotely

Submit an application in your internet bank under Accounts → Cards → My Cards, or in the mobile application in the Cards section

Get your card in the mail – activate it in your internet bank under My Cards

Become a customer

New to Luminor? Welcome!
Join Luminor remotely or book an appointment

Cash transactions

Cash deposit Cash-out at a Luminor ATM Cash-out at other ATMs
up to EUR 2,000 per calendar month
up to EUR 600 per calendar month
2 % of the sum (min. EUR 3.50)**
0.2 % of a sum exceeding EUR 2,000 0.2% of a sum exceeding EUR 600 (min. EUR 0.40)

See our price list for more

Standard limits for cash and purchase transactions

Daily cash-out limit EUR Purchase limit per day (including online) EUR
1,500 4,000***
If you’d like to change your cash-out and payment limits, send us an internet bank message or call us at +370 5 239 3444. The fees for changing limits are listed in our price list. There’s no fee if the limits are changed to the standard or amounts below the standard.
* There are limitations and exceptions to certain risk coverage and indemnifiable losses, for example, Safety+ service insurance does not cover card transactions, authorized due to an illegal, fraudulent calls or messages, fraudulent links in emails, messaging applications, social media platforms, websites or other forms of fraudulent cyber-attack. Complete information on exceptions and coverage restrictions is included in Safety + service insurance rules. Please read Safety + service insurance rules and, if needed, consult with a representative of Luminor Bank AS.
When offering Safety+ service insurance, Luminor Bank AS, reg. No 11315936, address: Liivalaia 45, 10145, Tallinn, Estonia, represented within the Republic of Lithuania by Luminor Bank AS Lithuanian Branch, reg. No 304870069, address: Konstitucijos pr. 21A, 03601, Vilnius, Lithuania, acts as the insurance agent on behalf of ADB “Compensa Vienna Insurance Group”, registration code 304080146, address: Ukmergės g. 280, Vilnius, Lithuania, tel. 19111, calling from abroad tel. +370 5 249 1911,
** Certain ATMs abroad may impose an ATM fee, notifying about it on the ATM screen. To withdraw money without a commission fee, please use another ATM network.
***Offline transactions not included in the limit

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If you have lost your credit card, immediately report it to the bank by calling +370 5 239 3444. To receive a new card, please log on to your internet bank or contact your nearest branch.
If you are planning travel to Great Britain, India, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, let us know by calling +370 5 239 3444 so that we can block your card if we notice unusual card transactions. If you are planning travel to Sudan, there are restrictions on VISA in this country, so all card payments are blocked.