If you purchase more, travel more and, overall, demand more, you will need contactless credit card Visa Gold. A card with more power and more features.

Visa Gold payment card is no longer issued for clients.

Visa Gold

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If you have lost your credit card, immediately report it to the bank by calling +370 5 239 3444. To receive a new card, please log on to your internet bank or contact your nearest branch.
If you have an insurable accident abroad, within 30 calendar days upon return to your permanent place of residence inform UAB OPS LT by phone +370 5 203 00 55 or luminor@ops24.eu (in case of medical expenses coverage). Otherwise contact ERGO Insurance SE, Lithuanian Branch by phone 1887 or +370 5 2683 222 (calls from abroad), fill notification form mano.ergo.lt or email asmenszalos@ergo.lt.
If you are planning travel to Great Britain, India, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, let us know by calling +370 5 239 3444 so that we can block your card if we notice unusual card transactions. If you are planning travel to Sudan, there are restrictions on VISA and MasterCard in this country, so all card payments are blocked.

Representative example*

Credit limit amount Term Interest rate Agreement fee Minimum service fee Card maintenance fee Total amount payable by the consumer Annual Percentage Rate of Charge
1500 EUR 3 years 16 % 0 EUR 1 EUR/month 3.70 EUR/month 2413 EUR 21.63 %

*Credit limit is used in full from first to the last day of the term.