Transfers in Euro

Switzerland is a foreign country? Not regarding transfers! Our transfers in Lithuania and other European Economic Area countries are fast, simple and in-expensive. As if all of them were local.

Why choose transfers in euro?

  • Unlimited transfers on the internet within Lithuania and EEA countries for a fixed monthly fee. 
  • The payment will reach the beneficiary on the same workday (provided that the payment is made before the specified hour). 
  • The sender may provide additional information of the transfer (e.g. identification code, type of the transfer of unique references) to make it easier for the recipient to identify the transfer.

Transferring in euros is easy

Connect to your internet or mobile bank

Complete the form. Look for PaymentsPaymentsTransfer in euros on the internet bank. Or look for Payments in euros and fill in the form on the mobile bank

Confirm transfer. Check and confirm the transfer

What should transfers in euros considered to be?

Transfers in euros within the bank, to other payment service providers registered in Lithuania, other European Union (EU) countries, Switzerland and the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA) – Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

Try the fastness of transfers in euros

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