How can a euro transfer be recalled?

You can recall a transfer:

1) On the internet bank. Click “Transfer status and signing” in the section “Payments” and locate the payment you want to cancel. If the transfer is not marked as “Executed”, then tick the payment and select “Recall / Delete the marked payments”. If the payment status is “Executed”, you need to fill out the application. Select “New application” in the section “Applications”, choose “Other services” in the “Document groups” and find the application named “Request to cancel / correct transfer”. Confirm the application with a code from the code generator or mobile signature.
2) By visiting the nearest branch of the bank and submitting a request.
3) By phone +370 5 239 3444
If the transfer funds have already been credited to the recipient or sent from the bank, the transfer cannot be recalled.

What is an IBAN?

An IBAN is a format of International Bank Account Number that is mandatory in the European Union member states. This format facilitates settlements between partners in different countries, with different banking authentication and account numbering systems. Therefore, be sure to include your account number with the IBAN in the beneficiary's account field for payments in euros to European Economic Area country banking clients. If you do not specify the IBAN, your payment will not be provided as a transfer in euros, your recipient's bank charges will increase and everything will take longer, because the payment will be carried out as a transfer in another currency.

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What details do I have to provide for the bank to properly execute a transfer in euros?

As part of the customer-initiated payment order, we transfer the information in the payment order to the recipient’s financial institution. For the payment order to be executed properly, we have set and indicated which information is mandatory. When you fill in the payment order at the DNB online bank, all mandatory fields will be marked with an asterisk. However, regardless of the mandatory information, payment orders will be executed and credited to the beneficiary's account based on “unique details” and without verifying the compliance with other information (such as the recipient's name or company name).

NOTE: Make sure you have entered the correct account number. Payment transactions are processed based on the beneficiary‘s account given by you. In case the account number is specified incorrectly, the funds may be credited into the account of another customer even if the beneficiary‘s name is specified correctly.
“Unique details” for transfers in euros within the bank or to another bank in Lithuania:
  • The payer’s account number;
  • The beneficiary’s account number;
  • The beneficiary’s personal or company number (if we request it).

Make sure that the payer's and beneficiary’s accounts are in IBAN format when transferring funds.

What type of fees can I choose for payment transfers to service providers within the European Economic Area?

According to the laws of the EU and the Republic of Lithuania, transfers in euros to other service providers registered in Lithuania other European Union (EU) countries, Switzerland and the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA) – Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein are only available with the SHA type of fee. Charges for this type of payment can only be applied by the payment service providers of the payer and of the payee.

What payment details must be provided to a foreign business partner in order to receive funds to my account at Luminor?

  • Your full name 
  • Your IBAN (20 characters) account number with our bank 
  • The beneficiary’s payment service provider (bank) name (Luminor Bank AS Lithuanian Branch) and SWIFT code (AGBLLT2X) 

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