Telliskivi Creative City and spending a night at Hektor Container Hotel

Telliskivi Creative City (Telliskivi Maja OÜ, Telliskivi 60A, Tallinn) and spending a night at Hektor Container Hotel (Telliskivi tänav 62/1, Põhja-Tallinna linnaosa, Tallinn)

Telliskivi Creative City is a stylish region of the Tallinn city, and with each step you can enjoy the art of graffiti. Various events take place here (you can view the calendar of events on the website); there are various cafes with advantageous lunch offers, as well as stylish Indie shops.

But Hektor Container Hotel is the only hotel in Telliskivi region, one of the most attractive places in Tallinn. Hektor Container Hotel radiates the local vibration: the hotel is created in the tsar time locomotive repairs depot, and the hotel rooms are set out in renovated sea containers. By this non-standard solution, the creators of the hotel have established an environment-friendly hotel with an attractive design which offers an innovative and unforgettable experience for its visitors, but it also adds value to ever changing Telliskivi region.

Noblessner region and dinner at the 180degrees restaurant

Noblessner region and dinner at the 180degrees restaurant
(Staapli 4, Port Noblessner, Tallinn)

Noblessner is located by the sea in Tallinn. This is a place with historical industrial buildings (industrial architecture), a promenade, various restaurants, and cafes, as well as shops. Various events take place here as well.

You can choose the excellent 180degrees restaurant for your dinner; it is created and cherished by the chef Matthias Diether and his team. Michelin evaluation has been granted to the Restaurant.

Off-road safari trip around Aida Quarry

Off-road safari trip around Aida Quarry
(Aida Quarry in Ida-Virumaa/Kanali, Aidu kula, Luganuse vald, Ida-Virumaa)

A trip around Aida Quarry by off-road vehicles. You will be taken in an off-road vehicle to visit several interesting places, will see the most exciting view of the quarry, cross a river, and do many other things. The car may be driven by a guide, or if you wish, you can drive it yourself.

Rummu Adventurecenter

Rummu Adventurecenter
(Rummu Quarry, sireli tanäv 11, Rummu)

Rummu Quarry with its crystal-clear water is definitely worth seeing. Not only because this place will be an ideal recreation spot for lovers of water sports (here you can go for a swim, go paddle boarding or diving), but also because of the surreal view on Rummu prison which was closed in 2012.

Adventure Centre Tuuletorn Hiiumaa

Adventure Centre Tuuletorn Hiiumaa
(Mäe 4, Käina, Hiiu maakond)

Adventure Centre Tuuletorn offers many and various exciting activities both for adults and children. All year round, Centre offers a chance to get to know Hiiumaa island by using various animations, games and exhibitions. A special floor for children’s activities has been created in the Centre. The wild adrenaline seekers can make use of the highest (20 m high) Baltic indoor climbing wall at the adventure centre.

Tahkuna lighthouse

Tahkuna lighthouse
(Viktori, Tahkuna küla, Hiiumaa vald, Hiiu maakond)
The furthermost northern point of Hiiumaa island. The highest lighthouse of the Estonian coast: 42.7 m above sea level, and a monument to the victims of the ferry ‘Estonia’.

Kihnu island

Kihnu, the ancient island of mariners and fishermen, is the seventh largest Estonian island. Traditional culture of Kihnu – clothing, language, music, and crafts – have been included in UNESCO list of oral and intangible heritage of masterpieces.

Kihnu island with its approximately 700 inhabitants is governed by a community type lifestyle, ancient customs, Kihnu language and songs. Dance and playing musical instruments is an integral part of life for the local inhabitants. A great opportunity to discover Kihnu is to set out on the route of Kihnu Reesuratas leading through the whole four villages of the island. This 23 km long route invites you to explore the most significant sites of the island. You can set out on the route by car or on foot, but also a bicycle would be excellent, and you can rent it on the island. Kihnu has no cafes that would be open all year round; however, there are several home cafes which are open also in autumn and winter season (recommended to notify the hosts of your arrival in advance).

Ohessaare windmill

Ohessaare windmill (Kalmuste, Ohessaare küla, Saaremaa vald, Saare maakond)

A possibility to stay at a location that will provide you with unforgettable feelings, allowing you to enjoy the ancient traditions and lifestyle. The windmill, the romantic symbol of Saaremaa island, are located on Serve peninsula, not far from the Ohessaare coastal cliffs. This is a place where endless breakers crash on the coast, and the sun shines for 2,200 hours a year. Use the opportunity to spend a night in this unique and interesting place. Emotions that you will get here will long remain in your memory. In your breakfast basket you will find everything for a cheery waking and energetic beginning of the day: a delicious bread, coffee, and freshly squeezed juice.

​Soomaa National Park

Soomaa National Park (Metsa 2, Kõpu)

Estonian word “soomaa” means the land of bogs. Go on a hike along the nature trails, climb to the top of the viewing tower and enjoy the untouched nature of Estonia. Various organised tours are available as well, for example, night safari, as well as canoe trips.

* Pre-booking recommended for guided tours and adventure trips.

Kännu farming alpaca farm

Kännu farming alpaca farm
(Laane talu, Niidu küla, Tori vald, Pärnu maakond)

This is the largest alpaca farm in Estonia; and both big and small travellers will enjoy it. If you go from Pärnu to Tallinn, it will be right in the way, so be sure to visit. Here you can see alpacas of Peru origin, and you can both pet them and feed them. Here you can see not only alpacas, but also goats, Angora rabbits and other animals.

Restaurant NOA

Restaurant NOA
(Ranna tee 3, Tallinn)

This was recognised as the best Estonian restaurant in 2020 according to The White Guide Baltic and received the Global Masters level. Special not only due to high-quality food, but also its location and interior.

* Pre-booking recommended.

Lunch at Kolkja Fish and Onion Restaurant and spending a night in the Alatskivi Castle

Lunch at Kolkja Fish and Onion Restaurant (by Lake Peipus) and spending a night in the Alatskivi Castle (Lossi 10, Alatskivi)

Go on a trip to the beautiful Lake Peipus, eat lunch at Kolkja Fish and Onion Restaurant, and visit the beautiful Altaskivi Castle. Kolkja Fish and Onion Restaurant (orig. language: Kolkja Kala-sibula restoran) offers a menu of deliciously cooked meals from fish caught in the nearby Lake Peipus. Alatskivi Castle offers not only educating guided tours, but also hotel services.

* Pre-booking a table recommended.

Setomaa – Obinitsa Setu muziejus ir pietūs Taarka Tarõ Köögikõnõ

Setomaa – Obinitsa Setu Museum
(Obinitsa küla, Setomaa vald, Võru maakond) and lunch at Taarka Tarõ Köögikõnõ

Obinitsa Seto Museum Farm offers an insight into the history and culture of Seto region, telling of the family life, customs, and habits of Seto of Obinitsa area. The arrangement of the cosy museum room is created from the items obtained from the surrounding villages, especially crafts made by Seto women.

Taarka Tarõ Köögikõnõ is located in the traditional Setos Farmhouse, offering not only Seto traditional dishes, but also dishes of other Finno-Ugric nations.

Värska Resort Therapy center

Värska Resort Therapy center
(Väike-Rõsna küla, Setomaa vald, Võru maakond)

If you are visiting the south-eastern part of Estonia, Setomaa, you can choose Värska Resort Therapy center to spend a night in. This place is known by the use of freshwater mud and famous Värska mineral water. Mud is obtained from the local lake and is considered globally unique due to its therapeutic properties. This mud is tenfold more valuable than the therapeutic sea mud and contains hydrogen sulphide. The mud contains the very salty Värska mineral water that has been known for 570 years: it is a combination without a match elsewhere in the world. Here you can find not only therapeutic procedures, but also aquapark entertainment for children.

Pädaste Manor

Pädaste Manor
(Padaste, Muhu)

Pädaste Manor is located on Muhu island on the Baltic Sea, just 2 hours from Tallinn. The guests are welcomed to cosy rooms in combination with a high-quality service, SP centre, excellent food at the manor restaurant and amazingly beautiful scenery.