Protect your family with Credit Life Insurance

Protect your family with Credit Life Insurance

  • Select insured risks and protection level 
  • Policy covers also severe disability and loss of life caused by the disease 
  • Insurance indemnity is not affected by financial market downturn

When you take out a mortgage, you can also safeguard your family with a Credit Life Insurance.

Why choose life insurance?

  • In the event of the death of the policyholder during the lifetime of the mortgage, the policy would pay out a sum to repay the outstanding mortgage.
  • In addition, you can also get coverage against the loss of working capacity.
  • You can insure yourself and your co-borrower.
  • If needed, there’s a possibility to change contract terms at any time at no charge.

How to apply?

Submit an electronic insurance application, book a consultation online or in a bank office. We will identify the specific insurance need and interest and make a corresponding insurance offer.

We will send you an insurance policy and information needed to pay the insurance premium

Insurance premiums shall be paid each month. For convenient payment of insurance premiums, order an e‑invoice with automatic payment!

Insurance coverage takes effect at the moment stated in the issued insurance policy. In case of an insured event, online claim notification form should be filled in or insurance company should be contacted.

Necessary documents

  • Filled insurance application if you apply electronically
  • Passport or ID card if you book physical meeting with bank specialist
  • We will inform if additional documents are needed

Do you want to borrow? Don’t forget safeguards!

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