We support an active lifestyle! Hope you do as well. To feel safe at every moment of your life, take out insurance for yourself or the whole family. You’ll spend not much to benefit from financial support if you or your family member gets injured.

Why choose Personal Accident Insurance?

*Doing non-professional and non-extreme sports.

Insurer – Lietuvos Draudimas.

Choose personal or family insurance

Cost: personal insurance – 14 EUR/year, family – 35 EUR/year.
How many persons are covered?  Personal insurance – 1 person, family – from 2 to 5 persons (one of which must be 18-70 years old).

Insurance object and amount covered
Bone fractures: personal insurance up to 1 900 EUR, family – up to 3 600 EUR.
Minor injuries: personal insurance up to 1 900 EUR, family – up to 3 600 EUR.
Major injuries: personal insurance up to 3 200 EUR, family – up to 10 000 EUR.
Risk of death: personal insurance up to 3 200 EUR, family – up to 10 000 EUR.

Procedure for automatic debiting of funds intended to cover the insurance premium

  1. The Bank shall debit the insurance premium for the Renewed Insurance Coverage Periods 5 (five) days prior to the expiry of the Insurance Coverage;
  2. The Client must accumulate funds in the Account to debit the Insurance Premium 5 (five) days prior to the expiry of the insurance cover and keep them in the Account until its expiry;
  3. Insurance coverage for the renewed insurance coverage period shall take effect on the day following the expiry of the previous insurance coverage period, if the Insurance Premium has been written off;
  4. The number of automatic extensions of the insurance contract is not limited.
In case of family insurance, the sum insured is divided proportionally to the insured family members. E.g., for the insured family with two adults and one child, the sum insured is EUR 1 200 per each family member for the risks of bone fractures and minor injuries, and EUR 3 334 per each family member for the risks of major injuries and death.

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Get insurance

If you are a customer, visit nearest bank's Customer service center or call 1608


Enjoy insurance coverage

Insurance will take effect on the 6th day after entering into the contract and charging the premium and will continue for the entire year.


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Protect yourself and your family

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The insurance service provider is “Lietuvos draudimas”.
Where to apply if an insured event occurs?
Report an event by phone 1828 (in Lithuania), + 370 5 266 6612 (abroad) or via Internet www.ld.lt.