Protect your future with Loan Payment Insurance

Protect your future with Loan Payment Insurance

  • Get 25% discount if you insure your monthly payments of Consumer loan or Housing loan
  • Special offer is valid from 2021 08 16 till 2021 10 31 if all conditions mentioned below are met

If you’re unable to work due to lasting sickness, recovery after accident or forced unemployment, Loan Payment Insurance is here to help.

This is an insurance protection that allows you to get agreed amount of money to your bank account due to involuntary unemployment, recovery after a serious accident or lasting sickness, also due to your child‘s lasting illness. You can apply for the insurance if you are Luminor’s Housing loan or Consumer loan customer.

Money payouts – you receive monthly compensation directly to your bank account even if social guarantees are provided from the state.

Stay on track – in tough times insurance may help to keep your accustomed standard of living and your ordinary level of personal budget.

Wide choice – you have an option to choose between minimal protection with insurance compensation EUR 100 per month or optimal protection when insurance compensation amount matches your loan monthly payment.

A convenient time to start – you can apply for Loan Payment Insurance at any moment during the duration of loan agreement but remember - you must start before trouble reaches you or it could be predicted.

Payment insurance offer

Main conditions to apply for Loan Payment Insurance:

Protection level options

In case of insured event the Insurer will pay every month the amount of insurance compensation chosen in the insurance contract. When you apply for Loan Payment Insurance you may choose preferable coverage – from minimal protection (EUR 100) to optimal protection when insurance compensation matches your loan monthly payment.

Your monthly loan payment
Monthly insurance compensation
Monthly insurance premium
Monthly insurance premium with 25% discount
50.01-100.00 100.00 4.00 3.00
100.01-200,00 200.00 7.50 5.63
200.01 – 300.00 300.00 10.50 7.88
300.01 – 400.00 400.00 12.00 9.00
EUR 400.01 or more 500.00 13.50 10.13

How to apply?

Submit an electronic insurance application, book a consultation online or in a bank office. We will identify the specific insurance need and interest and make a corresponding insurance offer.

Receive the insurance offer by e-mail and confirm it by paying the first premium

Define further payments in your Internet Bank if you have chosen to divide the total amount into several payments, as well as if you plan to prolong insurance contract automatically

Enjoy Insurance coverage. Coverage for all insured risks will take effect when initial waiting period ends. Promised coverage will continue till the end the insurance contract. In case of an insured event, fill in the claim notification online on „Gjensidige“ webpage or call insurance company via phone 1626.


Before concluding the Loan Payment Insurance contract, please read the Terms & Conditions and other relevant information of the respective product on Luminor webpage and consult a bank specialist, where necessary. There may be limits to certain insured risks and indemnifiable losses. Full information on exceptions and coverage restrictions is included in the insurance contract and insurance terms and conditions.

When offering the Loan Payment Insurance Luminor Bank AS (reg. No 11315936, address: Liivalaia 45, Tallinn, Estonia) represented within the Republic of Lithuania by Luminor Bank AS Lithuanian Branch (Branch code 304870069, address: Konstitucijos ave. 21A, Vilnius) acts as branch of an insurance agent, distributing a Loan Payment Insurance on behalf of ADB “Gjensidige” (reg. No 110057869, address: Žalgirio g. 90, 09303, Vilnius). Luminor Bank AS is registered in the list of intermediaries kept by the Estonian Financial Supervision and Resolution Authority (Finantsinspektsioon) (Estonian Financial Supervisory Authority) and is entitled to provide insurance intermediation services in Lithuania on the basis of the principle of freedom of establishment. Luminor Bank AS shall process your personal data to prepare insurance offer and forward them to insurer.