II Pillar Pension Funds

With lots of fingers in lots of pies, you can expect a more secure and wealthier pension when you retire.

Why choose II pillar pension funds?

  • Potential for a higher retirement income as your money is invested in global markets (please note: the value of your fund may fluctuate).
  • Assets in your pension fund are inheritable.
  • Assets in your fund are separated from the management company.
  • If you should stop working, your money will continue to work for you and attract interest in your pension fund.
  • Check your pension pot anytime via internet bank.
  • Pension funds are managed by Luminor investicijų valdymas.

Learn how to prepare for the future now

How to start your pension fund:


Submit documents

Please complete the Luminor II pillar pension fund application form on internet bank. 


If you want to switch

If you want to switch your current II pillar pension provider to Luminor, please visit any Luminor branch and sign a new contract. Further steps will be explained.  


You are not a customer?

Become a customer!

Start accumulating an additional pension

  • If you are our customer, you can start accumulating in our internet bank
  • Not a customer yet? Visit us at the branch
  • If you visit our branch, remember to bring you passport or ID card

Simple solutions to a smarter retirement

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Important: For those articipants of the 2nd pillar pension accumulation system who have participated in the 2nd pillar pension accumulation process until 2018 12 31, the state social insurance old-age pension is reduced proportionally according to the procedure established by the Law on State Social Insurance Pensions. Luminor does not guarantee the profitability of pension funds. Previous results do not lead to further successful results. The value of units of invested pension funds is changing, which means that they can recover less than was invested. Please note that the II Pillar Accumulation Agreement may not be terminated unless this Agreement is concluded for the first time, and the Participant is entitled to terminate it unilaterally within 30 calendar days of the conclusion of the agreement, after having notified the pension management company in writing.