Visa Debit

Contactless Visa Debit card is a friend who is always there for you. Every day, good for any occasion. And as all good friends, this card doesn’t ask for much in return.

Why choose Visa Debit?

Applying for a Visa Debit is easy


Complete the application form

Order a payment card for yourself or for your minor child on the internet bank. We will send you the card by mail free of charge within Lithuania.


We will contact you

We will contact you when your debit card is ready.


Get your card

If you receive your card at home, you will also get a letter with details about how to activate your card. In other case, visit us in the branch, sign an agreement  and get your card.


You are not a customer?

Become a customer!

You will need the following documents

  • ID or passport
  • If you are between 7-13 years old, please bring your parents
  • If you are between 14-17 years old, you can come to the bank on your own with consent of one of your parents given on the internet bank

For your convenience, starting from the August 23rd, 2021 for all issued Visa Debit cards you will find the payment card details on the back of the payment card, including the account number attached to the card.

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Make your everyday finances easier

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If you have lost your credit card, immediately report it to the bank by calling +370 5 239 3444. To receive a new card, please log on to your internet bank or contact your nearest branch.
If you are planning travel to Great Britain, India, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, let us know by calling +370 5 239 3444 so that we can block your card if we notice unusual card transactions. If you are planning travel to Sudan, there are restrictions on VISA in this country, so all card payments are blocked.