What does it mean to transfer client services to a unified Luminor bank system?

Transfer will affect current Luminor customers who use Luminor | Nordea products (i.e., Luminor | Nordea internet bank, cards or other products). All of these customers will be transferred to a unified Luminor platform, based on the former DNB bank systems. Customers will be transferred to a single platform in stages. The transfer will be implemented till the end of 2019. We will make every effort to minimize disruption to our services during the transfer.

Why is Luminor transferring customers and their services from Luminor|Nordea systems?

While DNB and Nordea have combined their activities in the Baltic States, the next step is to bring together the services and products under one platform. By transferring Luminor | Nordea customers to a unified Luminor system, not only will the Bank unify services and products to existing customers, but it will also be able to offer advanced and modern banking solutions.

Will I have to make a request for transfer of the bank services that are currently provided to me? If yes, where, how and by which date do I have to submit the request?

You will not have to contact the bank for the transfer of services and products. The bank will carry out all actions to ensure smooth transfer of accounts and other products. 

How will my individual products – loans, credit cards, pension accounts – be transferred?

All your bank products will be transferred at one time. You do not need to contact the bank for the transfer of services and products. We will take all steps to ensure a smooth transfer of your account and products. 

Are you already transferring me? What do I have to know?

You will receive a personal letter with all the details regarding transfer of your services. Services will be transferred in stages by the end of 2019.

Information will be sent by emails and messages in Internet bank. Please read the instructions carefully. Should you have any questions, contact us.&

We recommend updating your contact details now, either by phone or in Internet bank.

I have not received any personal information.

It means we have not sent any information to you yet. You will receive it by email, on Internet bank, we will also send an SMS. While waiting for the letter, we encourage you to update your contact details now, either by phone or in Internet bank. 

I am a customer of Luminor|DNB – will anything change for me?

The systems you are using will stay the same. Changes are possible only if you are using Luminor|Nordea systems. 

What will change for private customers?

Following changes are planned for private customers:

  • Change of Account number (IBAN) 
  • The Smart ID will be used for identification to unified Luminor internet bank
  • VISA payment cards will replace Mastercard cards
We will notify you on specific changes 60 days prior to the implementation of these changes.

What will change for business customers?

We are currently planning the process of migration of corporate accounts. We will provide detailed information about the unification of corporate account closer to the transfer date. We will endeavour to transfer all agreements with the customers without changes to a unified core system. 

Some changes are planned to be implemented unilaterally in accordance with our Terms of Service. Customers will be notified about such changes 60 days in advance.

Accounts, reports

Will my account number (IBAN) change after the unification? Where can I find it?

Retail customers

After the transfer your account number will change. You will find your new account number in the unified Luminor internet bank during the transfer.

Important   Please note that you should notify your employer, government authorities, and other individuals who are submitting your orders about changing your account number.


More detailed information on how business services and products will be relocated we will provide in Q2.

I have an account in Luminor| Nordea and Luminor|DNB. How will the transfer of my services take place?

Your account will be moved from Luminor|Nordea and will be added to the list of your accounts at Luminor| DNB.  

Dual customers are free to choose either to keep all the accounts and products after the transfer, or terminate redundant products (e.g. additional accounts). You can do this right now.

A new payment card (provided within the scope of a package) will be included into the service package for dual customers. Cards that will not fit into the service package will be charged standard rates.

Where will I be able to see operations carried out in old account?

In the unified Luminor Internet bank, you can see operations carried out in the old account for the last 3 years. Please choose the account with the new number.  

Older reports are available by submitting a request on Luminor|DNB Internet bank or in customer consultation center.

Will you close inactive accounts due to the relocation of services?

The bank will close all inactive customer accounts if they are not used or associated with other customer’s products. You will receive information about the account to be closed 60 days before the closing date. If you need the account to be remain active, please inform the bank.

I disagree to change my account number. What should I do?

You have the right to disagree with our offered solution of services and products transfer. You should inform us about your decision before the day of transfer for the latest. We will offer you to close all your accounts in Luminor|Nordea bank, and move your products to the other bank service provider. 

Payment cards

How will my payment card be transferred? Could there be any disruptions?

Closer to your account transfer day we will send you a new VISA card and information on how to connect to your new internet bank. Before the transfer date, you should use the card you are currently using – after the transfer, your new VISA card will come into effect. We will put all efforts to ensure a smooth transfer of your account and products.

How will I get informed about what I should do about the transfer?

Closer to your transfer day, we will send you information on how the unification will be implemented altogether with information about your new account number, how to connect to your new internet bank and start using your new VISA card.

If you have not yet received a letter with the new VISA card from us, you do not need to do anything. When you receive the email, follow the instructions in it.

The new VISA payment card will be sent to you and you will be informed by SMS. If within 10 days from the day of receipt of SMS, you will not receive a letter with the new VISA card, call us on +370 5 219 7115 or send us an email to, or visit our customer consultation center. 

I don’t use the Internet bank. How will my new card be activated?

You will receive a new debit card by post. You can start using it after the transfer.

I live abroad. What actions should I take to receive new payment cards and to continue to use the banking services without interruption?

You will receive a detailed information letter closer to your transfer date. In this letter we will explain how to start using your new cards, internet bank and other products. We will send your new card to your address indicated in your current internet bank – in Lithuanian and abroad as well. 
You will see the transferred products and services in the unified Luminor|DNB system. You can start using your internet bank with Smart ID. Smart ID for Android phones can be downloaded here, and the app for iPhone is here.
Connect to your new Luminor internet bank using:

  • Smart ID app
  • Mobile signature provided by Lithuanian mobile operator
  • An electronic signature installed in the Lithuanian citizen's identity card

Internet bank

What is the most convenient way to handle all relocation issues?

Smart-ID offers the easiest way to access all your transferred products and services in your new Luminor|DNB Internet bank. With the individual date of your service transfer approaching, you will receive a letter with the instructions how to do that and start using your new debit/credit card. 

You can now download the Smart ID app to your smartphone to easily connect to your new internet bank. It is a safe and convenient way of identification. You can download the App for
Android devices here, and for iPhone devices here.

In exceptional cases (e.g. you do not use internet bank, have lost your login information, do not have smartphone for identification) please visit our customer service centres. 

You can always call us by phone +370 5 219 7115 or send as an email to and our consultants will be happy to answer all your questions.

What are alternatives to Smart-ID available?

Customers who do not have a smart phone, have no possibility or do not wish using Smart-ID, can obtain a Luminor code generator from the bank or use other logon tools (mobile signature, electronic signature installed in the ID card).

Will I be able to log on to the new Internet bank with a code generator or Nordea Codes app?

After the transfer of services, your Luminor| Nordea code generator or Nordea Codes app can be used only for activation of Smart-ID app.  If you wish to continue using a code generator for logging onto the new Internet bank, please contact a customer care unit of the bank in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, and Panevėžys.

From when I will no longer be able to use the old bank products?

After the date of the transfer of your products and services, your products in Luminor | Nordea internet bank will no longer be available. You should start using the new products in the unified platform immediately after the transfer.

If you do not log on to your new Internet bank before the date of transfer of services and products, you can do that after the date of transfer of all services.

Money transfers

I make money transfers in Luminor|Nordea Internet bank. What will change after I start making them in the unified Internet bank?

  • All money transfers will be received and sent exclusively to/from the account (accounts) with the new number. Payers must be informed about the new account number;
  • We will transfer the money transfer templates created in Luminor|Nordea Internet bank from the 'Register of Recipients' to the 'My templates' in Luminor | DNB Internet bank. 
  • We will not be able to transfer your templates of payments created in Luminor|Nordea Internet bank, therefore we recommend creating them anew in Luminor|DNB Internet bank; 
  • Money transfers with future payment date created in Luminor | Nordea Internet bank and money transfers that are not confirmed will not be transferred.

Will the SWIFT code change?

Once the account number is changed, the SWIFT / BIC code will also change.

Customers making / receiving international payments must specify the new SWIFT/ BIC code – AGBLLT2X.

Customers:  Private Business