What measures are you taking in connection with COVID-19?

We have implemented comprehensive measures to protect our employees and customers and help prevent the spread of the virus: we have adopted remote working options; we have restricted travel, meetings and gatherings; and we are using extra sanitary measures in our offices and customer services centres (CSCs).

To avoid spreading COVID-19 we suggest our customer to use remote services.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have declared states of emergency. What does that mean?

Declaring a state of emergency helps governments be better prepared and deal more efficiently with the situation at hand – in this case containing the spread of the virus. We are following all instructions and recommendations to assist in this and to protect or employees and customers while ensuring the continuity of our services.

Is there any impact on banking services like cards or payments?

The situation has no impact on cards or payments. We are asking our customers to use remote services, as we are providing only critical banking services at branches that cannot be provided remotely. These include issuing access to the Internet Bank, making payments, changing limits and signing necessary documents. But we can assure you that we are happy to provide a full range of consultations over the phone or on video calls, be they regarding mortgages, loans or investments.

How should bank customers be prepared?

We are advising everyone to follow the recommendations issued by our health authority: wash your hands thoroughly, using soap; maintain a distance from people; use disposable tissues; and stay at home if you are sick. We also urge people to make more use of remote services instead of coming in to our CSCs and to use card payments (especially contactless ones) instead of cash.

Are you restricting your activities?

We have made adjustments to our organisation of work and are utilising remote work options as much as possible. Our CSCs are open during normal working hours, but at them we are only providing services that cannot be provided remotely, and we are urging our customers to use digital services. We will proceed based on how the situation unfolds and in accordance with recommendations and instructions from the relevant authorities. We will keep our customers informed of any updates.

Would you recommend arranging to have a supply of cash?

Card and payments services are operating as usual, so there is no need for any special arrangements regarding cash. On the contrary: we recommend using more of our digital services and card payments instead of coming to CSCs and handling cash. 

How are your call centre and consultations operating?

We are working as usual and will be happy to advise our customers whenever they need it. We have extra people working at our call centre to make sure that all customers are consulted.

Are there any changes in services?

We are providing the full range of everyday banking services, but we ask our customers to use remote services as much as possible. Also, some services may take longer than usual. But we are happy to provide a full range of consultations over the phone or on a video call, be they regarding mortgages, loans or investments.

How can I get a new bank card?

Order a new card via the Internet Bank. Please have it posted to your home address rather than one of our CSCs.

Have there been any changes in insurance terms?

The terms have not been amended. If you have any questions, please refer to the existing terms, which you will find on our website.

What should I keep in mind when visiting one of your CSCs?

Before you do, we recommend using our remote channels. If this is not possible, please keep a distance of at least 1 metre from our staff members and other customers. 

What about the opening hours of your CSCs?

Our CSCs are currently open as usual. Please check the opening hours online at our web page as the situation may change. 

Are your ATMs working normally?

Yes. There have been no changes to our ATM working hours. Please bear in mind that ATMs are often located in stores or shopping centres, which may change their own opening hours. Check the opening hours of the store or centre where the ATM is located on their website to make sure there have been no changes. Information about ATM opening hours on our website may be incorrect because of this. 

What about advisory meetings that have been booked?

We are cancelling all meetings that are not crucial for the signing of documents. All advisory meetings will be held via a video call or over the phone. 

I have a question about loans and leasing

Please check our Q&A for loans and leasing: