New 3rd pillar Pension fund Luminor Sustainable Future Index

New 3rd pillar Pension fund Luminor Sustainable Future Index

Luminor is the first in Lithuania to launch 3rd pillar pension fund with investments to sustainable index funds with the high level of ESG standard*

Pension fund Luminor Sustainable Future Index

Luminor new sustainable pension fund invests only to index funds that invest in companies that have taken responsibility for implementing the environmental, social and governance related requirements. So that in 10, 20 and 30 years you and the world would live a little better. The future is yours to take care. Make the change by choosing Luminor Sustainable future Index pension fund.

We as a society are responsible on the planet we live in. Society needs to  take more actions towards sustainable thinking and doing. Small things really matter: sorting garbage, using reusable bags and investing in companies who have taken responsibility for a more promising future to all of us. 

You personally can make the change. Small choices you make have large effect on the planet and society to move towards healthier and more sustainable future.

We will help you to take first steps towards more sustainable future:

The fund will not invest into companies who are associated with: fossil fuel sector, weapons, genetically modified organism, nuclear power production and etc** 

The fund is fully invested into index funds with highest ESG intensity*

The fund will provide the lowest management fees in the market – 0.40%

This fund should be chosen if you have at least 15 years till pension age since the fund invests up to 100% of assets in equities

Why to choose Luminor Sustainable Future Index funds:

Apply to 3rd pillar Luminor Sustainable Future Index fund
- Recommended if you are 18 – 44 years old
- Potentially high-income yield and possible significant capital fluctuations
- Passive investments to index funds***
- up to 100% of the funds are invested in capital markets

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Saving in pensions funds incurs investing risk, which means that investments may rise or drop in value, return may be smaller than investment. The closer to the retirement age you are, the more conservative pension fund you should choose. If investment in a foreign currency is made into financial instruments, exchange rate changes may affect the return of investment. Luminor Investment Management does not guarantee the return of investment, profitability of pension funds or amounts of annuities to be paid. Past results of pension funds do not guarantee future results. Before deciding on supplementary retirement savings in Luminor savings funds, read the rules of the pension funds, deductions applied, investment strategy and risk factors. Pension funds are managed by Luminor investicijų valdymas UAB, company code 226299280. 
* Pension fund invests its assets only in equity index funds that in invest in companies with higher-than-average scores in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) ratings, exclude companies that are involved in business activities associated with negative environmental or social impact. In addition, investments in fossil fuel sector and companies involved in controversial activities are excluded or as a minimum significantly reduced. By applying exclusion criteria and investing only in companies with strong ESG ratings pension plan investments constitute only the best 25% of broad market universe in terms of ESG performance. ESG rating is designed to measure a company’s resilience to long-term, industry material ESG risks. Rules-based methodology is used to identify industry leaders and laggards according to their exposure to ESG risks and how well they manage those risks relative to peers (source: 
** Tobacco, alcohol, andult entertainment, gambling, extraction and production of Thermal Coal Mining, (un)convestional Gas Extraction, Thermal Coal-Based Power Generation, Oil & Gas-based Power Generation, Fossil Fuel Reserves for energy.
*** The index benchmark:
- 75 % world equity markets (MSCI World SRI Filtered ex Fossil Fuels Index); 
- 25 % emerging markets (MSCI Emerging Markets SRI Filtered ex Fossil Fuels Index).