Buying your own home is a big and important decision. Especially if it is your first home. It doesn't matter if you want to purchase, build or renovate, let’s talk about your possibility to get the financing.

EUR 0 agreement fee*

* The offer is valid when filling out the application from 2020 03 10 till 2020 05 28 and signing the agreement within 3 months after receiving loan offer

Other mortgage loan benefits

  • Funding of up to 85% of the property's value
  • You can take a loan by signing an agreement remotely
  • You can also use Housing loan with state subsidy to purchase, build or renovate your house
  • Maturity up to 30 years

7 steps to take to your new home

  • Idea. Each idea starts with the dreams about something own: my own room, my own  bathroom or kitchen, my family home, my summer house... Each idea needs a plan for its step-by-step implementation. Experienced lending consultants will prepare a customized funding plan. 
  • Opportunities. By identifying of existing situation and options the most suitable funding solution for the housing acquisition for the customer is found. Lending officers will prepare for you a custom-made schedule for the purchase of home. 
  • Solutions. We will help to plan yours dream. You may be interested in our partners offers. Our lending officers will advise you during the housing acquisition financing process. 
  • Funding offer. It is easier to choose a home, if you are aware of your finances, comprehend the real estate market trends and know what to  keep in mind when choosing the home. After finding a suitable property and filling out the loan application the bank will assess your ability to borrow and will make a loan proposal in the case of a favorable decision. After obtaining the offer you most likely will have further questions – when, where, what documents must be submitted? – but everything will be simplified due to assistance of a reliable and professional lending consultant. 
  • Loan approval. Housing loan must be a well-considered  decision. We care about first-rate customer experience, and therefore the lending officer will thoroughly explain the loan terms and conditions, guide you through the sequence of actions, procedures and requested documents. 
  • Agreement. Lending consultant will guide you in every next move, will explain loan agreements terms and conditions and the disbursement procedure. Lending consultant will guide you through documents.
  • Loan repayment. We will be near if you will need support during repayment. Loan agreement means an obligation to repay the loan over the entire repayment period. To simplify the loan instalment procedure they will be automatically withheld from the customer’s account in the bank. To avoid any issues, the best solution is to secure regular transfer of needed for pay credit installment income to your bank account. 

Find out your loan options

Representative example*:
Loan amount: 60 000 EUR
Term: 30 years
Interest rate: 2.4%
Monthly payment: 234 EUR
Agreement fee: 0 EUR
Pledge registration fee to the State Enterprise Centre of Registers: 31.28 EUR
Total amount payable: 84 619 EUR
Number of payments: 360
Annual Percentage Rate of Charge: 2.46%

*Pledged collateral must be insured. Notary fees, real estate evaluation and insurance costs are not known to the bank and therefore are not included in the overall annual percentage rate of charge.

IMPORTANT! Your loan is guaranteed against your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up with repayments.

Luminor Housing Centers

How to purchase home with a loan?


Find out your loan options

Use the calculator and/or apply for consultation


Fill in the application

  • Fill in the application and get the consultation on your loan options
  • After submitting all the necessary documents you will receive a loan offer


Submit the documents

Sign the loan agreement and arrange the real estate insurance


Receive a loan

Submit the documents specified in the loan agreement which are necessary for the disbursement of the loan funds:
- application for loan disbursement in the form established by the bank
- ocuments of acquisition / reconstruction of the property
- property mortgage agreement and
- other documents specified in the loan agreement and its annexes

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You will need the following documents:

  • ID or passport
  • If you plan to take a housing loan with a life partner, invite them to come with you
  • We will let you know during the meeting if we require further documents

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Your new home is closer than you think

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